Welkom bij Taxi Black Cab



1-What payment methods does Taxi Black Cab Hengelo accept?

Taxi Black Cab Hengelo accepts various payment methods. You can pay with your credit card and/or debit card. In addition, we offer driving on account.


2-On what days and times is Taxi Black Cab available?

Taxi Black Cab Hengelo is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In addition, we are available 24/7 by phone on number 074-8200242.



3-Can Taxi Black Cab Hengelo also transport clients of my company?

Sure, Taxi Black Cab Hengelo offers the option to have you or your clients transported in a professional way. Our drivers are very representative and a good showpiece for your company.



4-Is it possible to lay claim on a private driver of Taxi Black Cab Hengelo?

Yes,Taxi Black Cab Hengelo offers the option of laying claim on a private chauffeur. Do you prefer one regular driver? No problem, anything can be discussed at Taxi Black Cab Hengelo.


5-Can Taxi Black Cab Hengelo also take me to destinations abroad?

No problem, Taxi Black Cab Hengelo service extends beyond the borders.


6-I want to be transported as a group by Taxi Black Cab Hengelo. Is this possible?

Yes, Taxi Black Cab Hengelo offers customised group transport.Are you curious to know what we can do for you? Do contact us to discuss the options.


7-Is driving on account available to everyone?

Driving on account is available to business customers of Taxi Black Cab Hengelo. You receive an invoice either weekly or monthly.


8-Does Taxi Black Cab Hengelo only drive to Schiphol Airport?

No, Taxi Black Cab Hengelo can take you to various airports in the Netherlands and abroad. On our site you can find more information about the airports and prices.